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How To Care For Your Lace Wigs – Top Tips To Keep In Mind

Buying lace wig for yourself is definitely one of the nicest things you would do for yourself. Not only would it add glamour to your look and make you look naturally appealing and beautiful, but would also ensure that you are ready for just any occasion within minutes. This is because applying lace wigs is very easy, and if you maintain lace wigs well, they would last really long, making every penny worth.

Be Gentle While Combing

Lace wigs are similar to hair extensions, but you need to be more careful with lace wigs so as to not loosen up hairs from the lace base. Be very gentle while combing and start from the end going up to lace base in a very sequential manner. Be as soft and gentle as possible to avoid hair loss, otherwise you may end up losing volume over time.

Go Slow

One of the biggest mistakes that most wig users make is that they start to behave with the wig as if their natural hairs, and this leads to losing the texture and volume of the wig over time. Make sure that you keep the wig clean always and while combing, always go slow. Do it gently, and do not be harsh with the knots that may happen at times.

Keep It Away From Extreme Heat

It is a universally known fact that hairs get damaged from direct and prolonged exposure to heat. Try to stay away from direct sunlight or heat exposure as much as possible. It would burn out the cuticles and cause the hair ends to get damaged, which cannot be repaired. Make sure to not use hair dryer ever to dry your hairs.

Wash At Least Twice Every Month

To make sure you are able to keep your lace wig as clean, good looking and healthy for a long time to come, make it habit to wash your lace wigs at least twice a month. If you wear your lace wig every day and do a lot of travelling, you might consider washing it a couple of times more. Maintaining your lace wigs and keeping it clean would ensure that it doesn’t lose its texture and volume over time, and stay as appealing and gorgeous as it were.

Don’t Blow Dry

Blow drying lace wigs is a big no-no. Let the lace wigs dry naturally, even if it takes a lot of time. Keep it for drying indoors, as letting it dry under direct sun light is also not a good idea.

When maintained well, lace wigs can last for a long time. They are not actually cheap, so maintaining it well would ensure that you get the value for money you are looking for. It would help it retain its texture, volume, design, style and color for a longer period.