short curly wigs for lazy girl and beginners easy to wear

What are the easiest wigs to wear?

For an everyday wig for a busy lady, I highly recommend this short curly wig machine  made.

When I put the wig on very little styling was needed. Hair looks so natural that most people can’t tell it’s a wig,my mom wanted the same one lol.

  • Easy to manage

Easy to manage…wet it… comb with Denman brush…spray with Cantu Shea curl activator and it’s ready to go!

curly wigs for lazy girl
curly wigs for lazy girl


When you wash it just let it soak in shampoo and conditioner mixture don’t rub pat dry with towel and let air dry on wig stand. It keeps its curls.

  • low maintenance style

it doesn’t need adhesive for naturalness. Perfect for those who want to deal with a very low maintenance style.

Needed very little shaping with razor to help layers pop and to frame her face. 5 mins and done! If they had ash blonde, I’d try it out too for a quick little cute style. ❤

However I would wear it on any occasion.

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