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Italian yaki for African American

italian yaki (4)

Hair type: Indian remy hair(100% human hair)

Hair texture: italian yaki

Hair length: 18inch

Hair color: 1b jet off black

Cap contruction: glueless with silk top full lace cap

normally, italian yaki match for african american. from the pictures, u can see the natural hairline with baby hair, bleached knots. and the density is standard 120%, very full wigs.

Best selling wigs for women

The perfect wig can accentuate any woman’s beauty. Finding quality lace wigs is a big problem and finding quality human hair wigs that well-suited with your features can be even more difficult. Vickylacewigs is the ultimate place to find amazing wigs for women of all skin tones and sizes. So if you’re looking for great wigs for women at affordable prices check out Vickylacewigs’ best selling wigs.

Brazilian virgin hair full lace deep wave

This is an amazing piece made completely of human hair with deep waves. Natural color and 18 inches in length, this is the ideal wig for at the confident and young modern woman. This full lace wig stretches in the middle and I ideal for all face types. No shedding or entanglements. This the best wig for everyday use

Indian Remy hair lace wig

Indian remy hair italian yaki glueless with silk top 18inchMade from 100% Indian Remy hair, this wig is a great piece for women who’d like to sport straight hair, and the best part is that it can be styled as per your needs. It has a glueless full face and a silk top cap. The wig is 18 inches long and jet black in color. It has an Italian Yaki texture and is great for the hard-working working class woman.

Custom Kelly wave texture wig with cute bangs

Custom Kelly wave texture glueless full lace wig with cute bangsThe custom Kelly wave with cute bangs is a great wig for the cute girls, because it’ll make you look fabulous and cute any time you go out. Made form 100% Indian Remy come with a 120% density which is, of course, customizable. Available in 12 and up to 24 inches, this cute piece is what you really want to be trendy.

Trend Kinky curly texture

For the sensual, trendy and confident modem woman, this curly textured wig is the ultimate accessory. Made from 100% Indian Remy in 20 inches, this kinky curly wig is what you need if you want to stand out of the crowd.

Short curly full Swiss lace

This Swiss lace wig is for the urban petite bodied woman. Made from 100% Remy and jet black in color, this wig is ideal for women with tiny waists and huge amounts of confidence. This wig is available in 12 inches, not too long and not too short.

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All Time Best Natural Hair Wigs for African American Women

Full Swiss lace wig Italian yaki straight Indian remy hairBeauty, especially hair is the core pillar of any woman’s confidence and sometimes a clear ticket to success. In early 2014, a 70 year old skeleton of an Egyptian woman was found still intact with part of her hair. It was later determined that the hair was a wig. Yes the wig that has become part of a woman’s character, more so, African American. For so long, many stores offered only wigs for opulent white women with blonder and finer hair. Very little was seen of African American women. For decades now, that has become a thing of the past. More and more stores are selling natural looking wigs for African American women. Due to the surge in more African American women embracing wigs, there are all time best natural hair wigs that have seen better days and are still adored by these women. They include;

Heat Free Hair Movement

This is one of the top hair styles that is characterized by its long, smooth curly nature. It is fully virgin human hair and it has not been dyed, permed or even straightened. Due to these unique traits, it is highly expensive and most celebrities are wearing this hair. This is because it is classy and fashionable. Although it has been there for long in the market, it is not expected to take a bow any sooner.

Kurly Klips

Unlike heat free hair movement, Kurly klips natural hair is characterized by a kinky nature. The best thing about this hair however is that it is 100% virgin and can easily be integrated to blend with your own hair. No one will even know that it is a wig for sure. With ability to wear in so many styles, Kurly Klips is also a celebrity’s favourite.

Haute Kinky Hair

Haute Kinky Hair is undoubtedly one f the best natural looking wigs for African American ladies. Maybe the reason behind this success is because it is cheap and readily available in nearly all stores. But the biggest reason is because of its big nature. It distinctively comes with a flair of gray hair which gives it an ample uniqueness. Furthermore, it is a kinky hair which is awesome for African American ladies.

King me hair

When it comes to style in braiding, King me hair has all the natural looking wigs for African American women. It comes in an array of colors which gives one a wide range to select from. Furthermore, the natural extensions are popular for updos which are fabulous for an African American woman with a taste of fashion and flair.

Curl sistas

For many years, curly hair has been an all time natural looking wigs for African American women. African American women have been known to like afro hair and this natural wig gives them superb afro in a fashionable way. What’s even better about this hair is that it is easy to fix and maintain. So, you won’t need to worry about visiting the salon all the time for retouch. You can do it yourself at home and look fabulous.