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vickylacewigs Return Policy

Each Hair company have their the Return Policy.In fact, All hair companies almost have some same rules about the Return or exchagne wigs.

Vickylacewigs .com only require the lace not been cut ,we do accept return or exchange .When customers get the wigs , in case , not like it , please do not cut the lace , contact us in first time , we do accept return or refund or exchange new one .

If  customer got the wig and did cut the lace ,used it some time, very sorry , we do not allow to return , but we can do repair it for free , as long as it still in 3 months .As we knew that the wigs made by hands, once been repair it , it will become new one .So customers still use it more longer time .

If customers meet some other quesitons or prolemes , please click our Retun Policy link to know a lot

Last , we only hope do long business, we need more and more new and loyla customers.we must give our customers satisfaction answers.