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Lace front cap on Summer


Recommend 2 cap construction for the Summer.

on Summer, the temperature is high, the weather is hot. when we wear the wig, lace front cap is ur best choice.

It is more breathable than full lace cap, bc it is wefts on back.

And with adjustable straps at back, can adjust the cap size. normally, with 3 combs. 3 inch lace on the front. if u need silk top, yes, with 4*4 silk top. u also can choose more area silk top, make the wig more natural.

which wig cap fit better for summer ?

In Summer,so many people thought so hot .But still love the beautiful hairs,some one maybe are confused for choosing .

If you open our website you can find the button on top of page “FAQ” ,plese click it

you can find the first article cap styles.we do about 7 kinds of wig cap style.If you read carefully , you can see so different with each one.We just said whicn one is fitting for the summner ? Frist , the cap should be breath freely ,3. lace front cap, we called cap3 

this kind is lace front wig cap, it was made of about 3 inchese swiss lace on front, and with hair wefts  on back with elastic band on back to adjust the size .It is so freely breath ,and so nice for summer .And the price is not hight .We still do many textures  for the lace front cap , you still choose the italian yaki, yaki ,and other texture ,only the cap styel is for summer.

Last , some one  not mind the summer ,still love other hot cap style , that is ok, we only suggestion that if you want to get more breathing,and not feel warm,the lace front wig is best for selecting .