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the details of full lace cap

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Full lace cap, seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function, all the cap is full lace.

Vickylacewigs use swiss lace, it is much softer. at crown is strect lace, make the wig more stable.

Normally, all the lace wigs with bleached knots. on the hairline we do single knots, the rest we do double knots. for this, hairline is more natural, rest do double knots, avoid the wig shedding.

Full lace cap needing glue to fix. the glue u can go to ur local hair salon buy it. if u need combs or clips, tell us, we can add for u.

Full lace cap can be parted anywhere. and it can make the high ponytail. Summer u put up, it is not hot.

Our Full lace wigs is hot selling wig. know a lot:




vickylacewigs supply the best service for all customers is very expert on making the human hair wigs.And we only hope that we do long business .So we need more and more loyal customers.

Because the  wigs are been made by hands, in fact ,it is only wigs, during using the wig in lief,you may be meet some a little shedding or tangling probelm, if not too much,that is normal thing .So we hope all customers can understanding the thing .But ,once meet the

servious shedding or tanging ,we must do our best for solve the probelm and give you the

satisfaction answer.For example , we did help one of customers to solve the problem .

1,i am very understanding your mood now ,every one do not like to meet the bad thing ,and you are hard to earn the money ,especially budget for the wigs.

2,As company rule (Return Policy) ,we can do repair it for free ,but need you to ship it back ,

3,if you can not ship it back for repair now ,we have one way to help u solve the tangling .pls see the document by attached .That original email we got from the customer.


4 ,If you can do wash the wig in gallon jugs of spring water or distilled water ,we can do refund part  to let us end the thing , you keep for it .Frankly speaking,other customers met the problem,we asked them to ship back for repair .

5,As we knew that our so many customers have at least 2 wigs in hand , just in case .if one met problem, so they can use other one instead .so i have one suggestion ,if you can think about the other new one ,i do discount $50 for u .when you get the new one , you can ship the old one back for repair for free .as long as factory repair it , the one will become new one ,still help u can use it more longer time.

Last , we sincerely help u to solve the problem ,and i hope that we can do next more and more business,we need the customers like you ,dear friend .


how to stop the human hair wigs tangling ?

We got the great solving the way from our customer ,she sent email to us: customer

Hello!! I just wanted to tell you I was experiencing dryness and tangling with some of the wigs for a while now but I know you always send the best hair quality so I knew  it couldn’t be the hair.

Now I started washing them in gallon jugs of spring water or distilled water instead of the tap water and I am happy to say that  there is no more dryness or tangling  The water we have here is very bad and filled with chlorine and chemicals. I will never go back to using tap water again!! The wigs are soft and tangle free and look like new again.

If anyone tells you they are experiencing tangling or dryness with the hair it could be the water!

Cheap full lace human hair wigs

Indian remy human hair full lace cap 20 inch color #1 body wave Full-lace-wigs are in vogue today and numerous overall in vogue coxcombs have begun taking extravagant for it. They are built from lace and changed over into a top suitable for a head size. Once built, genuine human hair is tied in the lace to add to a full lace wig.

Full-lace-wigs can be utilized for the assortment of purposes yet all that really matters of the stylish thing is its regular look and imperceptible appearance. The impression of a full-lace-wig is impeccable to the point that individuals would suspect that you are wearing a genuine wig.

There are numerous reasons why the business sector for cheap full lace human hair wigs is picking up notoriety. One of the primary reasons is that a great many people have been disappointed with squandering cash and time and hair misfortune medications that give next to zero results. A full-lace-wig is a phenomenal option for anybody encountering a mellow to the extreme instance of hair misfortune. Other applicable reasons are as per the following:

Allure on face

With every passing day, more dandies around the globe have a tendency to seem more impressive. To be exact, they provide food their yearning by wearing sturdy, characteristic human hair full-lace-wigs to add all the more engaging fascination in their face. This is for all intents and purposes imperceptible to the exposed eye.


While wearing full-lace-wigs has gotten to be well known around the world, there has been an incredible ascent in the expense of hair augmentation medications all the while. You will be astonished to realize that individuals have a tendency to waste a huge number of dollars for the treatment of hair misfortune or get hair augmentations as an option.

A fever between superstars

Dissimilar to standard wigs, full-lace wigs appear to last more. Because of web innovation, individuals can now accumulate data about imaginative and socially adequate items like full-lace-wigs. In addition, this has additionally opened up doors to get upgraded news about superstar style and hair and excellence privileged insights.

Quality, life span and intensity in cost

Quality, life span and intensity in costs are the three foremost elements that have driven full-lace-wigs to be extremely popular on the web. Along these lines, they are at a lively deal online, and rather favourably, you likewise need not leave the solace of your home when you can really purchase them online.