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About silk top

DSC00123 DSC00155

Today let us talk about the silk base on top. from the pictures, u can see it clearly. first is without silk top, second with silk top looks more natural, like our own scalp.

let me send more pictures about the silk top area. this is 4*4 silk top, most choice.


5*5 silk top


7*7 silk top


half silk top

half silk top

full silk top

full silk top



the details of full lace cap

cap1 (1) cap1 (2) cap1 (3) cap1 (4)

Full lace cap, seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function, all the cap is full lace.

Vickylacewigs use swiss lace, it is much softer. at crown is strect lace, make the wig more stable.

Normally, all the lace wigs with bleached knots. on the hairline we do single knots, the rest we do double knots. for this, hairline is more natural, rest do double knots, avoid the wig shedding.

Full lace cap needing glue to fix. the glue u can go to ur local hair salon buy it. if u need combs or clips, tell us, we can add for u.

Full lace cap can be parted anywhere. and it can make the high ponytail. Summer u put up, it is not hot.

Our Full lace wigs is hot selling wig. know a lot:




Bleached knots

Many people is doubt about the bleached knots. today editor will explain the bleached knots for u.

when the hair is tied to the lace, there is a dark knot where the hair is secured.

Bleaching the knots will reduce the visibility of this knot. it will make the wig looks more natural. normally, #1 jet black #1b jet off black is too dark, after bleaching, they are not too obvious.

Some customers request the knots to be bleached on the entire lace front wig.  Lace front wigs are typically made of longer hair, which is often manipulated with fingers, combs or brushes. Bleaching the knots on the entire unit leads to premature, and sometimes excessive, shedding because the bleached knots are weaker.

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