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Italian yaki for African American

italian yaki (4)

Hair type: Indian remy hair(100% human hair)

Hair texture: italian yaki

Hair length: 18inch

Hair color: 1b jet off black

Cap contruction: glueless with silk top full lace cap

normally, italian yaki match for african american. from the pictures, u can see the natural hairline with baby hair, bleached knots. and the density is standard 120%, very full wigs.

which wig cap fit better for summer ?

In Summer,so many people thought so hot .But still love the beautiful hairs,some one maybe are confused for choosing .

If you open our website you can find the button on top of page “FAQ” ,plese click it

you can find the first article cap styles.we do about 7 kinds of wig cap style.If you read carefully , you can see so different with each one.We just said whicn one is fitting for the summner ? Frist , the cap should be breath freely ,3. lace front cap, we called cap3 

this kind is lace front wig cap, it was made of about 3 inchese swiss lace on front, and with hair wefts  on back with elastic band on back to adjust the size .It is so freely breath ,and so nice for summer .And the price is not hight .We still do many textures  for the lace front cap , you still choose the italian yaki, yaki ,and other texture ,only the cap styel is for summer.

Last , some one  not mind the summer ,still love other hot cap style , that is ok, we only suggestion that if you want to get more breathing,and not feel warm,the lace front wig is best for selecting .

vickylacewigs Return Policy

Each Hair company have their the Return Policy.In fact, All hair companies almost have some same rules about the Return or exchagne wigs.

Vickylacewigs .com only require the lace not been cut ,we do accept return or exchange .When customers get the wigs , in case , not like it , please do not cut the lace , contact us in first time , we do accept return or refund or exchange new one .

If  customer got the wig and did cut the lace ,used it some time, very sorry , we do not allow to return , but we can do repair it for free , as long as it still in 3 months .As we knew that the wigs made by hands, once been repair it , it will become new one .So customers still use it more longer time .

If customers meet some other quesitons or prolemes , please click our Retun Policy link to know a lot

Last , we only hope do long business, we need more and more new and loyla customers.we must give our customers satisfaction answers.

vickylacewigs supply the best service for all customers is very expert on making the human hair wigs.And we only hope that we do long business .So we need more and more loyal customers.

Because the  wigs are been made by hands, in fact ,it is only wigs, during using the wig in lief,you may be meet some a little shedding or tangling probelm, if not too much,that is normal thing .So we hope all customers can understanding the thing .But ,once meet the

servious shedding or tanging ,we must do our best for solve the probelm and give you the

satisfaction answer.For example , we did help one of customers to solve the problem .

1,i am very understanding your mood now ,every one do not like to meet the bad thing ,and you are hard to earn the money ,especially budget for the wigs.

2,As company rule (Return Policy) ,we can do repair it for free ,but need you to ship it back ,

3,if you can not ship it back for repair now ,we have one way to help u solve the tangling .pls see the document by attached .That original email we got from the customer.


4 ,If you can do wash the wig in gallon jugs of spring water or distilled water ,we can do refund part  to let us end the thing , you keep for it .Frankly speaking,other customers met the problem,we asked them to ship back for repair .

5,As we knew that our so many customers have at least 2 wigs in hand , just in case .if one met problem, so they can use other one instead .so i have one suggestion ,if you can think about the other new one ,i do discount $50 for u .when you get the new one , you can ship the old one back for repair for free .as long as factory repair it , the one will become new one ,still help u can use it more longer time.

Last , we sincerely help u to solve the problem ,and i hope that we can do next more and more business,we need the customers like you ,dear friend .